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Atrial fibrillation. left ventricular hypertrophy

ECG Description:

Rhythm Irregular with atrial fibrillation; Heart rate: 108 bpm(18 cuts in 10 seconds); QRS- 0,08 seconds, QT- 0,33 seconds; 

Electrical axis of heart deviated to the left (the angle α -100).


 Signs of Atrial fibrillation

 the absence of P wave in all leads

 the presence of f waves throughout the cardiac cycle

 irregular rhythm (various intervals RR)

  the presence of the QRS complex without deformation

  alternation QRS (different in R-wave amplitude in one lead)

 moderate tachysystole  ventricles (CHSZH ˃100 beats / min)


Signs of LVH

amplitude characteristics: RV5 + SV2 = 37 mm

Systolic overload (kosoniskhodyaschaya ST segment depression following contours and negative T waves in leads I, II, V4-V6)

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