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Atrial fibrillation. Signs of right ventricular hypertrophy

ECG patients 56 years of long-term COPD


ECG description :

Non sinus rhythem with  atrial fibrillation, trachycardia  HR ≈ 130 bpm

Electical exis of heart shifted to left

LBBB(anterior branch). (angle α ≈ -65 °)

Signs of right ventricular hypertrophy (Rv1> 7 mm, Rv1 + Sv5> 10.5 mm, the absence of S wave in V1-V2, negative T wave in the right precordial leads)

We can also suspected left ventricular hypertrophy (quite pronounced R wave in the left chest leads, which are not usually characteristic of an isolated GPZH, ST-T changes in the left chest leads)

RsR 'complexes at V2 probably due GPZH and suggest a slowing of the right ventricle.

GPZH was confirmed by echocardiogram, it was also diagnosed with severe pulmonary hypertension

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